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Little Spinner Logo

A beautifully simple and fun way for your little one to learn new words and rhymes.

Download for your iPhone / iPad.

xpressFIVE mobile app

xpressFIVE is a fun description game you can play anywhere with 2 to 20 friends. Get shown words that you need to help your teammates to guess, without saying the word itself.
Download for iOS and Windows Phone.

xpressFIVE in game screenshot
wordBee - a free English dictionary for Mxit

A dictionary wherever you go. wordBee has over 100 000 English words and example sentences.

Add wordBee in Mxit to try it.

wordBee screenshot
AskGogo Logo

Can't make up your mind? Let Gogo help you decide! Ask her a question and hear her wisdom.
Add ask.gogo in MXit to try it

AskGogo Screenshot
Sudoku Logo

Challenge yourself with this classic puzzle game. With five levels of difficulty, how far can you go?
Add sf.sudoku in MXit to try it

Sudoku Screenshot
Lingrove Logo

Translate words or phrases between languages, using the Google Translate engine.
Add lingrove in MXit to try it

Lingrove Screenshot
Carded Logo

Store study notes as sets of cards.
Review your notes quickly whenever you have a few minutes free.
Create sets with friend and share them with the community.
Add carded in MXit to try it

Carded Screenshot
theVine Logo

Share questions and answers with the community. Help each other out on the Vine.

theVine screenshot
Aday Screenshot

Learn something new every day!.
Add aday in MXit to try it

Cabango Logo

Have fun playing this easy word game. Invent meanings for the three letters shown and try to win the most.
Add cabango in MXit to try it

Cabango Screenshot